Rani Farm was established in 1994
at Antalya – Evrenseki /Manavgat Region. All kinds of meat, milk, cheese and vegetables are produced organically in the farm. Rani Farm’s high quality natural products meets the consumer with its slogan “From farm, to fork.”


Rani Farm values human health, and therefore animal husbandry is carried out fondly with care for the animals. There are 2633 cattles at Rani Farm.


Rani Farm started organic production in order to contribute to the restoration of ecological balance and conservation of natural resources. In our plant, there are 29000 fruit trees in 175 different types and 5913 piece of them are organic.


Agriculture is performed with no harm to the environment at Rani Farm. Its production practices preserve the environment and value human health.


Rani Farm has frequently been on the news since it is a first in Turkey. Various newspapers and magazines published interviews and news about the Farm. The farm, production methods, founders, and products were publicized.