Rani Farm is using environment friendly energy!

The organic waste that comes out of the hotels and Rani Farm are recycled in Bio Electrical Gas Powerplant which was established in the farm for the electricity production. The cattle manure, the whey obtained from the dairy, the food leftovers from the hotels, fried oils, organic peels of fruits and vegetables, grass, the green leaves from the garden and greenhouses are used in the powerplant in order to contribute to the economy and to protect the environment.

Mascarpone cheese produced by golden medalled masters, is at our farm!

The fresh creme cheese mascarpone, which is used in making the Italian famous desert Tiramisu, is produced by golden medalled masters in our farm.

Italian Cheese Expert Marcello Fichelle is at Rani Farm!

Marcello Fichelle is born is 1968 at Cancello ed Amone, Italy. After he graduated from Leonardo Da Vinci Commerce Institute, he started his education about Italian cheese production.

In accordance with its origin, Parmesan cheese is produced at only Rani Farm in Turkey!

In the world, in accordance with its origin, the parmesan cheese, is only produced in Turkey in Rani Farm under Sezer Group, rather than Parma city in Italy. The famous parmesan master of Emilio Romagna region in Italy, Mario Lunguo, born in 1950 and Rumi Erikçi who learnt the details of the parmesan production in Italy accepted this job with the reason that Rani Farm had all the necessary conditions for parmesan production.

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