Rani Farm was established in 1994 at Antalya – Evrenseki /Manavgat Region. All kinds of beef, milk, cheese and vegetables are produced naturally in the farm, on an area of 200.000 square meters. Food security is ensured through ISO22000 production quality certificate and PAS220 food security system through all stages of production from purchase to selling points.

Until 2001, 300 head of cattle dairy beef breeding and fattening was carried out primarily for hotels. Since 2001, beef and dairy products have been diversified; the farm became the pioneer for organic agriculture in Turkey, and maybe even in Europe through its modern and healthy livestock breeding practices. Thus the Rani Farm brand was created.

A total of 21000 fruit and citrus trees are being grown at Rani Farm, where the seasonal vegetables are cultivated at greenhouses. Rani Farm reaches out to its consumers with the slogan: “From farm, to fork” and is growing everyday through its investments.

Rani Farm, as one of the leading farms in Turkey, continues its investments as a corporate entity, using the “Rani Cheese Organic” brand. It produces high quality foreign origin cheese in Turkey, and grows organic fruits and vegetables.

The projects that are planned to be implemented at Rani Farm will set up a model for other Farms. Some near-term projects are as follows:

Automated Calf and Kid Feeding:

Calves and kids are fed only during or after milking of their mothers. On the contrary, the right and natural way to feed them should enable them to drink milk anytime they need to. Automated feeding system will enable continuous feeding, regardless of mothers’ milking periods.

Becoming an important Stud Farm in Turkey:

One of the priorities for Rani Farm is selective breeding and become a high-quality stud farm in Turkey.