Ayın İneği

Rani Farm values human health, and therefore animal husbandry is carried out fondly with care for the animals.

Animal husbandry in Rani Farm relies on 4 major principles:

  • Finding the best way to allow the natural cycle of life, based on livestock race and age needs, and building modern shelters using modern technology to secure animals’ welfare
  • Feeding livestock in the best possible way with additive-free provender for high-quality beef and dairy production
  • Breeding and fattening healthy cattle, contributing to genetic improvement and preventive medicine through selective breeding practices
  • Producing healthy beef and dairy goods with great concern for hygienic rules and thus creating a strong brand

As of 2013, there are 2633 head of cattle at Rani Farm. Below is a distribution of cattle breeds:

Female Stud (For Dairy Farming) - Holstein, Simental, Montofon
Female Buffalo (For Dairy Farming)
Female Stud (For Beef Production) – Angus, Charolais
Female Goats (For Dairy Farming) – Saanen, Kilis
Cattle Cows, Oxen, Water Buffaloes (For Fattening) – Holstein, Simmental, Montofon, Angus, Charolais, Buffalo
Billy Goats (For Fattening) – Saanen, Kilis
Well-Fed Chewy Sheep Curly - Fleeced
Milk Chewy Sheep Curly - Fleeced