Today, unfortunately, environmental pollution has reached its peak.Humans havealeading role in this issue. When we look around, even within the developed countries, children begin their life in an ulhealthy manner from birth on. Seeing the degeneration of human health along with the deterioration of natural balances, we decided to initiate organic farming.

I began the idea of producing organic products when I remembered the bread that I used to eat in my childhood days. During my years in primary school, my mother used to make bread in a neighbourhood bakery twice a month. She enticed us to eat this bread byspreading syrup on it. I can still remember the days when my brothers and I playedbarefoot in the street eating syrup drenched bread as though it were yesterday. Why do I tell you this? Although the food types were limited in our childhood, my brothers and Inever got sick. From birth on, children of today are growing up poisoned with pesticides.

For me, organic farming is a practise which is up to the conscience of the producers all over the world. It is impossible to control each vegetable, fruit and related product produced by organic farming in order to see whether they are organic or not. At this point, we depend onthe honesty of the people doing organic farming that they observe the halal values.

At Rani farm, we are quite advanced in our organic farming. It is essential for organic farming to become widespread for the greater development of our country and for a healthy generation. That is why we are ready to share our experiences with the producers who want to invest in organic agriculture. At Rani farm, 250-300 tons of 25 kinds of vegetables and citrus fruits are produced organically annually.

At our Rani farm, besides organic farming, we are involved in livestock and cheese production. Lastly,a Biogas electricitypowerplant became a part of our activity. The biogas effort is a kind of recycled electricalpowerplant. The biogas electrical powerplant is a system that works totally by destroying bad waste that is harmful for the environment and transforms it into energy. At the moment, in our powerplant, we havealready begun energy production of 500 kw of electricity by destroying 200 tons of bad waste. The powerplant not only produces energy from waste, but also it provides the sedimentfromthe waste, to be used as manure in organic farming. With this method, by producing 80.000 tons of organic manure annually, it replaces the non organic manure which ruins our earth. This installation at Rani Farm is first establishment in Turkey. There are already 5.000 of them in Germany.

At Sezer Group and Rani farm, our purpose is to decrease the negative effects of chemicals on people, environment, animals, water and the earth. We are striving to lengthen the earth’s productivity and to bring up a healthy generation by saving energy and using renewable energy resources.

F.Yılmaz Sezer
Sezer Group